Sold Out

Terms and Conditions

Sold Out is an electronic platform officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Commercial Registration No.: "1010644811" The platform is currently working as an intermediary in buying and selling the famous Yeezy 350 shoes, as it allows users to resell and buy limited shoes designed by the world famous brand Adidas Originals after checking them and ensuring their credibility and authenticity.

Whenever they appear in this Agreement - the Terms and Conditions Agreement, the terms mean the following:

Sold Out: Sold Out platform, which means the Whole Sale Corporation for Trade S.T.: 1010644811

Client: Any person who uses the application to display, sell or purchase goods

Platform / Website / Application: Wherever they appear in this Agreement, they are meant by "Sold Out Website / Application"

the account: It is the record - the page - of the customer created in order for the customer to be able to benefit from the services of Sold Out and have the possibility of buying and selling

the user: He is the person whose personal data is recorded in the account, and he is the owner of the real account.

(1) You must be over 18 years old if you are using the Platform within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Or you have reached the age of majority as stipulated by the laws of the country in which you use the application.

(2) You must register on Sold Out (website / application) in order to be able to benefit from Sold Out services, To complete the registration process, you need to fill in the data accurately: Write your full name as it appears on your national ID, The current address of your residence, mobile number and e-mail, and any information required as indicated on the registration page, – This information will be confidential and will not be seen by sellers and buyers.

(3) Sold Out, under the powers granted to it in this Agreement, has the right to refuse the account creation request and does not have the right to justify the reason for the refusal, Sold Out also has the right to cancel or disable the account at any time whenever it is found that the account owner has provided false and incorrect information or has found, in its sole discretion, that the account owner has violated the Terms of Use or something of them.

(4) Solid Out has the right to consider the e-mail address, phone number and any other addresses belonging to the client as an official means of communication and notifications, and through the notification, the argument is established to inform the client.

(5) The user is responsible for keeping his account data and must keep his password secure. Also, Sold Out is not responsible for any damages resulting from the user’s negligence or failure to maintain the security of the account and password.

(6) The user is responsible for all activities and content uploaded to the site by his account such as data, graphics, images and links (ad content), It is his responsibility to bear the resulting infringement of intellectual property rights or trademarks. The user is also obligated not to upload or transmit any virus or any codes of a destructive nature.

(7) The user is responsible for the correctness and integrity of his data and written addresses, He is responsible for the correctness and integrity of the credit card and bank account information he has entered.

(8) A breach or violation of any provision of the Terms of Use leads to the disabling, cancellation or deletion of the user’s account as Sold Out sees fit.

(9) The role of Sold Out is limited to carrying out the service of mediation, conciliation, convergence of views – brokering – between the seller and the buyer and facilitating the task of transporting and delivering goods, It does not bear any responsibility resulting from any operation through it.

(1) When the user wishes to offer an item for sale, he must describe the item accurately according to the advertisement/sale form, The value of the commodity must also be determined.

(2) If it is found that the seller used a description in the presentation of the commodity that does not match the reality of the commodity, or it turns out that the commodity is counterfeit or fraudulent, the buyer has the right to return the commodity and recover its value. This is in accordance with the return policy stipulated in this agreement.

(3) If it is proven that the seller used a description in the presentation of the commodity that does not match the reality of the commodity or it was found that the commodity is counterfeit or fraudulent, then Soldout shall bear the costs and costs of shipping and the effort expended in the process of selling, receiving and delivering to the seller. Which is estimated at an amount (2.5% of the product value +35 SAR)

(4) In the event of doubt on the part of the site or the buyer regarding the product in terms of the authenticity of the item of one of the sellers, The seller’s account will then be permanently canceled and Solid Out has the right to claim its commission and shipping costs from the seller (as mentioned in the previous item)

(5) Sold Out reserves the right to provide government agencies with any irregularity committed by the client, in particular the violations contained in the anti-commercial fraud system, Sold Out also reserves the right to sue anyone who violates the provisions of this Agreement.

(6) When the buyer sends an order to purchase the item, Sold Out will deduct the value of the item from the Visa / MasterCard or other cards or other payment methods of the buyer, Sold Out will retain the discounted amount in order to ensure that the sale is executed and completed.

(7) The seller will have one day to issue approval for the sale by sending an email to the address (admin Include the invoice number and approval of the sale or by sending a text message to the mobile number “0509494931” includes the invoice number and approval of the sale, If the seller does not send the approval within a day, the purchase order will be canceled and the amount will be returned to the buyer’s account. Sold Out does not bear any costs incurred in connection with cancellation.

(8) The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase order without incurring costs or fees in the event that he cancels the order at any time before the product is shipped by the seller, He must bear the expenses and bank fees for canceling the order, which is estimated at 2.5% of the product price (the value of the electronic payment commission).

(9) The seller is obligated to ship the item and send it to Sold Out or deliver it to the representative of the shipping company within 36 hours of accepting the purchase order, If the seller is more than 36 hours late in shipping, the order will be canceled. and return the purchase amount to the buyer.

(10) Sold Out will keep the amount of the item and the buyer must verify the integrity of the item and its conformity with the description. The buyer is not entitled to claim Sold Out for any amounts related to the sale that took place.

(11) If the buyer files an objection to the item within 24 hours of receiving the item, Sold Out will keep the value of the amount until the objection is validated, The provisions of the Return Policy contained in this Agreement will then apply. In the event that the matter is not settled between the seller and the buyer, Sold Out has the right to keep the amount until reconciliation is made between the seller and the buyer, and based on this reconciliation, the amount is transferred to those who are entitled to it. Sold Out is also entitled to deposit the amount in the court treasury in consideration of the seller and buyer dispute.

(12) The seller is not entitled to cancel the order in any case after the shipping company has received his part or demanded the return of the part, Sold Out will complete the order and transfer the dues to the seller as soon as the order is completed in the event that there is no objection from the buyer.

(13) Sold Out will receive the item from the seller and transfer it to the buyer, In the event that the purchase order is canceled by the buyer after the item has been shipped from the seller to sold out, the buyer will bear the full cost of shipping the product to the seller. which is estimated at 35 SAR + 2.5% of product value

(14) The buyer has no right to withdraw from the sale process after receiving the commodity except in accordance with the return policy mentioned in the provisions of this agreement.

(15) The buyer will be notified of the expected delivery date of the commodity before the purchase order is completed, And his issuance of the purchase order is his approval on the specified date.

(16) The buyer has the right to cancel the order without incurring any expenses in the event that his receipt of the commodity is more than five working days behind the specified date, Provided that the delay is not due to a reason such as writing wrong or inaccurate address data or modifying the address data after issuing the purchase order.

(1) Through Sold Out, the unused Elezy 350 shoes are sold in all their original colors and versions produced by the Adidas Originals brand.

(2) New products and goods will be added in the future without prior notice, and your suggestions can be received on the e-mail ( or via WhatsApp at (+966509494931)

(1) The customer must enter – on the payment page – correct and valid credit card information (Visa / MasterCard), Or the data of any other payment method available on the website or application.
(2) The customer is prohibited from fraudulently using an incorrect or invalid payment method, It is also prohibited to use a stolen payment method, and the customer bears responsibility for violating this paragraph.
(3) By means of an electronic payment intermediary (Hyperpay), Solid Out will debit the value of the purchases from the credit card or payment method approved by the customer.
(4) The customer’s issuance of the purchase order is an authorization from him that Sold Out is entitled to deduct the value of the purchases.
(5) All purchases are made in Saudi Riyals, All payments must be in Saudi currency, In the event that the customer pays using another currency, he shall bear the expenses and fees resulting from the currency conversion or any other bank fees

(6) Sold Out shall retain the value of the purchases and shall not be transferred to the seller until 24 hours after the buyer receives the products without submitting any objection.

(7) If the buyer files a complaint about the commodity, the exchange of the value will be stopped, The provisions of the refund policy of this agreement shall be followed, and Sold Out has the right to reserve the amount until the dispute is settled. In the event that a solution is not reached to the satisfaction of the seller and the buyer, Soldout shall have the right to deposit the value of the purchases with the treasury of the competent court or with the public treasury at the expense of the parties to the dispute.
(8) The value of the purchases shall be deposited in the bank account of the seller recorded in his account on Sold Out, The value of the purchases is also refunded to the buyer through his bank account registered in his account on Sold Out. The deposit and return period usually takes between 3-5 working days, depending on the bank’s policy. The transferred customer shall be charged with the cost of the expenses of any transfer.
(9) The customer grants Sold Out the right to provide Visa, MasterCard or any payment service provider with his credit or bank card data.
(10) Sold Out may ask the customer for his personal identification number for the purposes of verifying the validity and integrity of the credit card or bank account or verifying the validity of the data of any other payment method.
(11) The customer shall be responsible for activating any payment method made through his account.

The buyer has the right to request the return of the item within 24 hours of receiving the item, In the event that the buyer finds that the specifications do not match, or the product is found to be not authentic, The buyer must provide proof of this.

If the buyer claims that the commodity is not authentic, he must provide evidence of his claim so that its value is preserved and its value is not disbursed to the seller by Solid Out. In the event that no evidence is provided to substantiate his claim, Sold Out has the right to exchange its value to the seller without incurring any liability.

Buyer acknowledges that it may not be able to prove the authenticity of the item, It may also be difficult for him to prove that it is not authentic. Due to the compatibility between some counterfeit goods and their original counterparts, Sold Out is not obligated and assumes no responsibility to verify the authenticity of the merchandise.

When the buyer requests to return the commodity after it appears to him that the commodity is counterfeit, incompatible with the specifications or damaged, he must abide by the period specified by the customer service team to resend the commodity, If he fails to send it on time, his right to return will be forfeited

After 24 hours from the buyer receiving the item, it cannot be returned through the site, Both the seller and the buyer have the right to reach an amicable understanding through Sold Out or to resort to the competent authority to adjudicate between them.
The seller shall bear all the expenses of the shipments made if it turns out that his goods are counterfeit or it turns out that he used an incorrect description in his presentation, Sold Out is entitled to claim its commission.

The item must be in its original condition in order for a return to be accepted. When the buyer amends the condition of the item, uses it, or replaces it with a similar item, the return request will not be accepted, and the buyer will bear the costs of shipping the item.

The merchandise is inspected by Sold Out before it is shipped to the buyer. If Sold Out finds that the item is not authentic or does not conform to the specifications displayed, the item will be returned to the seller and charged with shipping costs and fees, and Sold Out reserves the right to claim the value of the commission from the seller. Sold Out also confirms that its examination of the commodity is not an endorsement of the commodity’s quality or proof of its defects, Rather, it is limited to taking care that is likely to make mistakes. and disclaims any warranty for the item.

(1) Sold Out is entitled to a commission of 7% of the value of the commodity sold for each sale made through it, The seller bears the amount of the commission and acknowledges his agreement to deduct the commission from the value of the commodity. And you can get a discount in the commission as Sold Out sees fit

(2) Sold Out has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions Agreement and the Privacy Policy at any time without taking the prior consent of the customer, Customer will be notified of any update to the Terms and Conditions Agreement and Privacy Policy.

(3) Solid Out has the right to reserve the returned product until the seller pays the dues and fees, including the percentage of commission and freight.
(4) Adding a period of (60 days) for the products returned without transferring from the seller to the required value, after which Solid Out has the right, Dispose of the product as you see fit.

(5) Solid Out has the right to provide the competent or relevant authorities with a record of the client’s transactions and personal data, The customer acknowledges his consent to this.

(1) The user declares that he is aware that his display or sale of counterfeit or fraudulent products is considered an act in violation of Saudi regulations and is subject to a legal penalty.
(2) Solid Out provides a service of mediation, conciliation and convergence of views – brokerage – between the seller and the buyer, Through its work, it neither confirms nor endorses the safety of any products displayed before receiving them at Sold Out headquarters and disclaims responsibility for using the site in order to sell counterfeit or fraudulent products. or other improper use or violation of regulations or this Agreement.

(1) Sold Out will facilitate the shipping process of the commodity by prior understanding with the carriers, The seller will complete the task of shipping the commodity through the agreed carrier, The terms and obligations contained in the shipping document will apply to the seller and the buyer in the shipping process. according to their position in the shipping process.
(2) The item will be insured during the shipping process according to its declared value on the site, Sold Out does not bear any responsibility as a result of the seller’s error or omission in determining the value of the commodity, The provisions contained in the shipping and insurance policy concluded with the transport company shall apply to the damages and damages caused during shipment.
(3) Subject to the Return Policy provisions of this Agreement, The buyer bears the full freight, Which is estimated at 45 riyals for shipping operations inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Sold Out is currently paying part of the amount

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